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Dec 19, 2019

Mike, Matt and Tam talking geeky gifts! Here are links with more information on many of them! 


Smart Home Tools: 

Leviton Decora Smart Switch:



Ring Doorbell:

Sonos Wireless Speakers:

Auto Diagnostic tool/app:

Tech Touch Gloves:

Star Trek Door Chime:

Enterprise Pizza Cutter:

Shocktato Video!

3D Printers: 

FDM printers produce very tough, large, and dimensionally accurate parts, but can in no way approach the fine detail of an SLA printer.

SLA printer:

Re-chargeable heated clothing/shoes:

Rainbow Toilet Night-light:

Elastic fishing folding umbrella hat:

Occulus Quest VR:

Gameboy Refrigerator Magnets:

Anti-fatigue gaming glasses:

Yoda bookends:  

Adjustable Laptop stand:

Deathstar Waffle Maker:

Deathstar Air Popper:

Tesla truck:

Millenium Falcon Owners Workshop Manuel:

Baby Groot Flower Pot:  

Star Wars X-wing Knife Block: Here’s a link to a search page with that, cookie molds and other Star Wars kitchen items!

Stars Wars Droid Builder Kit:

Fi Dog: (GPS)

Matt’s favorite dashcam:

Phone sanitizer:

A couple other great sites for finding geeky ideas: