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Nov 18, 2020

Matt, Mike and Tamara of Burgess Technology Services chat about geeky gifts and what's on their own wishlists for 2020. For more information, email or visit

Links to products referenced in the episode are below. But first - for those local to us in Midcoast Maine, check out for a list of local retailers which we encourage you to support this gift-giving season! 

Star Wars Video Game Cabinet

Dungeon Master Screen
Banana Phone
Kinetic Gears Kit
LED lights

Magnetic Levitating Bluetooth Speakers

Sanitizing Wand

Jabra Headphones
Light Box
 Best Dog Ball Launchers
 Chicken Door
Reolink Motion Sensor
BTS Staff recommendations: 
Jess - Wicked Bone
Logan - EVGA Fancy Gaming Fans
Anthony - Starlink Internet
                  Raspberry Pi
Micah - Google Chromecast with Google TV
              Oculus Quest 2

Cindy -

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